Kala Omeiza


My Story

I recently worked with my amazing small team on a Financial technology startup! We received  pre-seed funding to utilize AI and Blockchain to make the credit and lending ecosystem in Africa fairer for all. I was the first Black woman to be a Founder Fellow at South Park Commons in 2022, and unfortunately still the only!

After traveling to Kenya to help with the launch, I moved onto making a difference in my community in the mental health setting through my nonprofit I’m Heard.

Outside of work, I love to write. I wrote my first two novels, Afrotistic and The Worst Saturday Ever in 2021, and plan to write at least one book a year for the next few years. I'm aggressively working towards being able to write on a full-time basis!

In my free time, you can catch me reading a good book, relearning the piano and how to paint, and going on walks with my husband.

I'm heard

In 2018 I gathered 10 colleagues from across the country to form I’m Heard Inc. I’m Heard is a nonprofit that aims to end the stigma of mental illness in minority communities in the US. In 2020, I’m Heard officially expanded to be a global initiative collaborating with professionals and organizations worldwide.


To summarize, I worked in Psychological and UX research settings at Harvard, Oxford, Duke, Harvard Medical School, and as a US Fulbright Scholar. I’m an avid mentor and volunteer, and will always have time to advise marginalized youth and youth living in the global south.