About Kala Omeiza

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My Story

I recently worked with my amazing small team on a Financial technology startup called Tilly Intelligence! I serve as the Director of Operations. We received a whopping 500K USD in pre-seed funding to utilize AI and Blockchain to make the credit and lending ecosystem in Africa fairer for all. I was the first Black woman to be a Founder Fellow at South Park Commons in 2022, and unfortunately still the only!

After traveling to Kenya to help with the launch, I moved onto making a difference in my community in the mental health setting through my nonprofit I’m Heard.

Outside of work, I love to write. I wrote my first two novels, Afrotistic and The Worst Saturday Ever in 2021, and plan to write at least one book a year for the next few years.

In my free time, you can catch me reading a good book, relearning the piano and how to paint, and going on walks with my husband.



                  I’m Heard



In 2018 I gathered 10 colleagues from across the country to form I’m Heard Inc. I’m Heard is a nonprofit that aims to end the stigma of mental illness in minority communities in the US. In 2020, I’m Heard officially expanded to be a global initiative collaborating with professionals and organizations in Namibia, Malaysia, England, USA, South Africa, Nigeria, and Italy!

To summarize, I worked in Psychological and UX research settings at Harvard, Duke, Harvard Medical School, and as a US Fulbright Scholar. I’m an avid mentor and volunteer, and will always have time to advise marginalized youth and youth living in the global south.


As Crisis Consultant, Kala showed the utmost care and courtesy to callers on the Crisis Hotline. She is passionate about the work she dedicates herself to and is a consummate professional in everything she does. Kala is a positive contributor to any team who is lucky enough to have her.

– Angi manning, former suicide crisis hotline supervisor