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The Worst Saturday Ever

Middle-Grade Fiction

November 1, 2023

Society has labeled 12-year-old Samuel as one of the Glutatribes. That means he has some things to hide if he wants to properly assimilate into the majority Serotribe world. For now, he struggles to understand jokes. And to get his crush Amber to notice him. Oh, and he also feels pain, which no member of the Serotribes can.

All of this would be hard enough to handle, but on one ordinary Saturday, two of his classmates do something questionable, and the racist and ableist algorithm-driven po-bots pounce. Samuel must learn to overcome his fears and use his Glutatribe traits to save the day.

Amber, and his math test on Monday, will just have to wait.


Published by I’m Heard Inc

A novel about a Black autistic girl in a small town in upstate New York. With the use of a robot toy invention, mentors, and some fellow autistic friends along the way, she realizes there’s more than one way to be both fantastically autistic, and beautifully Black.

Autistic and Black

Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers








Adult Non-Fiction Book featuring Black autistic individuals, researchers, and family members from 7 different countries.

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